Friday, January 21, 2011

"Call Charlie Brown! Let Him Know We've Found The Great Pumpkin!"


i fell more in love with ryan gosling, his singing, and his ukulele playing.
(i will see blue valentine. somehow.)
my car didn't start three seperate times.
work went a lot better than expected.
(laughing with jamie about trojan "pleasure packs".)
(me and cyler can bag the crap out of groceries. :) and we rock at lot. as do jennifer and myself. (: )
i went and saw no strings attached with jenn and megan.
(and i loved it. ahhh, ashton kutcher pulls off a cardigan very well. and that whole movie basically just filled me with joy. plus, you can't go wrong with seeing ashton kutcher's butt for ten seconds. also, natalie portman? you're amazing. if i were sincerely a jew, i'd hope we were sisters.)
we visited cy back at work and we did our insanely painful high fives.
(my hand hurt for twenty minutes.)
then cy and i did late night shopping for nothing in particular.
(i love late-night wally world trips with him. always have, always shall.)
we belted out me and mrs. jones on the way home.
(i will get a video of him belting that out, without any hesitation, someday before he leaves for his mission. so i can save it for a rainy day.)

Which Brings Me To Now.
today was rather swell, surprisingly.
and tomorrow shall be another adventure entirely.

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