Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So Get Ready.

i haven't really written anything of consequence as of late. i don't feel like there's all that much to say. i'm still kind of in my december funk, although things are generally alright. good, not great. but that is life, my friends. it is full of ups and downs and in-betweens. i've just been very tired every day this week. i think i'm getting more sick. which sincerely sucks. i can't seem to get away from being ill. i probably got something from my adorable niece who stayed with us for almost three days, but a cold or whatever i have is entirely worth it, because she is the cutest thing i have ever seen, held, or smothered in kisses. i miss my best friend. i do. this explains a large part of my lack of vivality. not that things are bad in any way, but i just feel distant. even though he apologized last week for being distant-ish with me, this week feels the same. mediocre week. like i've mentioned before, i despise mediocrity. i'd rather it be really great or more leaning towards horrible. (not that i enjoy horrible. no, no, no. but we all have to deal with some horrible, am i right?)

Hopefully Cyler Dressing Like Santa This Week Will Make This Week More Worthwhile.
i have hope.
and maybe wrapping some christmas presents will make me feel like less of a scrooge this holiday season.
(I've Yet To Put Any Christmas Music On My Ipod. And I Genuinely Do Like Christmas Music.)
This Lack Of Snow Is Not Making Me Feel Christmas-ey At All.
even the christmas lights are much more lackluster when they're lacking snow.
I'm Crossing My Fingers For Winter Weather. :)


  1. "I'm Crossing My Fingers For Winter Weather" - you and me both!

  2. I did a photo shoot kindof like this over the summer, with jars and lights. IT's AWESOME!


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