Thursday, December 16, 2010

Left With His Sleigh, For The North Pole.

I'm Giving Angels & Airwaves A Good Listening To.
Because I Haven't Paid Enough Attention To Their Amazing Music, As Of Late.
such a pity, because they are one of my favorite bands.
At The Moment, I'm Texting This Kid Named Devin.
I Haven't Seen Him Since We Were In, What, 7th Grade?
And I Wouldn't Say We Were "Friends" In Elementary School.
we were kind of friends.
he'd save me a coveted seat on the swings at recess, and i'd give him my cheetos.
It Was Systematic.
it's so random that we're texting. i almost can't get over it.
Today Cy Dressed As Santa. :)
He Makes The Best Santa.
i practically can't stop laughing when he talks in his santa voice.
I Was Rudolph,
Jennifer Was A Snowman(?),
And Alex Was An Elf.
we handed out candy canes at the high school.
It's Always Strange Being Back There.
At Least I Saw Chad!
(mr. durham is basically one of my all-time favorite teachers, if not my favorite.)
Tonight Was The Special Needs Mutual Christmas Dance.
I Found This Young Man Who Is Made Of Lucious-Ness.
Handsome As Can Be.
Barbara Was In Her Wheelchair Tonight, And He Was Pushing Around A Guy In A Wheelchair.
i so badly wanted to go up to him and say, our people should dance together!
All The Girls Were Being Flirtatious With That Tall Drink Of Water.
if only i knew his name.
(he's not even blonde. gasp. yes, sometimes i do break out of my normal type.)
My Sister Purchased Me All The Hanukkah Stuff You Could Get At Target.
Including This Fantastic Menorah.
i now am the proud owner of a full-sized menorah.
i tested it in the church where we hold special needs.
(so i'll get struck by lightning for lighting a menorah in a church. bring it on.)

this post is one of the rambling nature.
i really need to pack for tomorrow.
and i'm not looking forward to working tomorrow or saturday.
But, I Must.
so i will plow through it the best that i can.

now you stay classy, san diego.

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