Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mysterious As The Dark Side Of The Moon.

some days i wonder why i put on makeup. it's a new thing for me. i've never really worn makekup as a teenager thus far; i always claimed i was too naturally beautiful. ;) but last week i purchased an eyeshadow kit, so i'm putting it to [good] use.

makeup doesn't really make me feel all that prettier.
painting up my face with war paint doesn't make me feel like i'll be a champion warrior, or even win the war.

and yet, here i sit, eyeshadow, eyeliner and all.

The Things We Do For Boys We're In Love With But Who Are Whole-Heartedly In Love With Their Girlfriends.
(but we're genuinely okay with said girlfriend.)
The Things We Do To Try And Impress Someone, Anyone.
The Things We Think Will Make Us Feel Better.
(and yet, it kind of does in an odd way.)
these things us girls do.

Dressing Pretty.
Smelling Nice.
Wearing Sparkley Jewelry.
Keeping Our Breaths Fresh.
Making Sure Our Hair Looks Right.

but at least we try.


  1. personally, i believe that looking attractive on thursdays is optional. sometimes people don't care for my over-sized hoodie, lack of make-up, sports bra, and afro-tastic hair. but, i tell them that it is thursday and not my day to care that i have the bod of a young boy or that my shoes don't match. pants? optional. leggings do the job. good on you for looking attractive on this thursday!

  2. today i mildly rocked a little eyeliner and eyeshadow, smelling nice, and a nice sweater. beyond that, i was frumpy. haha. :)

  3. sometimes i wonder if it is all really worth it haha. so i came across your blog a while back. i decided today that i need to comment. i just have to say i like your blog :).


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