Monday, November 1, 2010

The Pleasure, The Privilege, It's Mine.

Sometimes I Wish I Were More Involved.
I Wish That I Put Myself Out There More.
but that doesn't seem to be my strongest suit as of late.
I See All These Pictures From Activites That I Could've And Should've Gone To,
but simply didn't.
I Like To Think I'm Getting Better,
That I'm Slowly Becoming More Involved.

but what has been holding me back from just diving in headfirst?

My Goal Is To Become More Involved.
Talk To More People.
Go To More Activities.
Be Myself, Be Myself.
(thanks just friends.)

I Really Do Already Love My Singles Ward;
But I Seriously Need To Put More Of An Effort Into Putting Myself Out There.

(Just 24 More Days Until My Birthday & Thanksgiving.)
(19, Here, I, Come.)


  1. You stole the words directly out of my mouth.

    I don't know why I'm not more outgoing, either [I think I've just had the "I can't" mindset for far too long].

    I guess we both just need to put a little more faith in ourselves. We CAN do it. :]

  2. i used to be so outgoing! i really did. and i am with people i know. but as i've gotten older, i'm more shy around people i don't know. it's tragic.

  3. i was so outgoing til i moved away to college... now i feel anti-social. i pledge to strive to try more, too. :]

  4. I miss you too! You now have another follower!

  5. I like this. A lot :)
    and haha i know I haven't seen you in forever..
    But haha you were pretty dang outgoing when I saw you!


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