Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Was Enchanted To Meet You,

As Of Late;

My Lack Of Pumpkin-Carving Talent.
(My Owl Turned Into A Pumpkin With About Six Large Ovals Carved Into It. 'Twas Kind Of Cool, Until The Sun Ruined It.)
Brand New Nephew, Jacob Thomas.
Who Has Lots Of Blonde Hair -- He's A Cutie. :)
A Slight Lack Of Kirche Going;
But Today I Went For All Three Hours.
Being Fine If I Never Had To Watch Either Toy Story 1 Or 2 Ever Again.
(But What Kind Of Life Would That Be?)
Jakey Coming Home This Week For His Two-Week Leave,
Windsey Woo Having To Deal With A Lot Of Sad Stuff. :(
But I Know Things Will Get Better. :)
Taylor Swift's New CD, That I Actually Really Like.
I'm A Sucker.
Baking Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins With A Glaze. :)

& my wednesday-sunday in detail:
Mittwoch; Taking Collin With Us To Take Alex Birthday Stuff At The Schule, Being An Ornery Nanny, Making A Candy Bar Card, Chili's For Alex's Day Of Birth Dinner; Mustaches And All. :)

Donnerstag; Weekly Lunch At My Residence, Cy Patting My Butt For No Particular Reason, Me Smacking His After Giving Him Money, The Pack Going To Provo, Special Needs Dance In Which I Dressed Like A Middle-Aged Woman, And Barbara Was Mary Poppins. :)

(Flattering Picture, Right?)
Freitag; The Good Ol' Garden Of Olives And Hereafter With Cy, Erika, And Yennifer.
Samstag; Library And Deli With Alejandro, Picked Up A Nerdily Dressed Cy At His House:) , Blockbuster, Watched A Wretched Movie Called 13 Hours In A Warehouse With Cy, Yenn, And Alex, Horrific 1 800 Numbers, Running Over A Racoon While Driving Cy Home.
Sonntag; Kirche, Cliff Sitting By Me And Talking To Me About Halloween (He Is Taller Than I Recalled & Boy Do I LOVE It.), Sitting With Chelsea And Laughing In Combined Last Hour, Going An Hour And A Half Early To A Special Militar Fireside Where President Uchtdorf Spoke, Superb Looking Man Who Is In The Air Force Sitting In Front Of Me (With His Very Pretty And Trendy Fiance.... Tragedy.), And Harriet And I Breaking The Sabbath To Get Gingerale For Papa, Bolthouse Farms Juice.

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