Friday, October 22, 2010

When Words Meet Heartbeats, Baby You'll Know.

Oh, Love Has Been What's On My Mind Rather Often As Of Late.

The Sad Facts Of My [Nonexistent] Love Life Are These:
• I've Genuinely Liked Maybe Six Or Seven Guys In My [Almost] 19 Years.
• I First Liked A Boy When I Was 4.
• I'm Aware Of Only One Boy That's Ever Liked Me;
His Name Was Kyler, And We Had Orchestra Together.
When I Was In 7th, He Was In 8th.
I Found Him Creepy Because That's What He Was.
A Major Creep.
He Asked Me For My Number Twice --
I Claimed My Dad Didn't Let Me Give Out My Number To Boys.
He Asked If I Were Going To The Orchestra Party At Classic Skating And If So, Could He Skate With Me? --
I Told Him I Couldn't Go; Sorry.
I'd Awkwardly Run Into Him At Albertson's, And He Just Made Me Uncomfortable.
I Blame It On The Creepy Smile.
Thankfully He Disappeared From My Life After 7th Grade.
• My "Type" Is Tall, Blonde, Bubbly, And Funny.
No Joke, No Lie.
• The Longest I've Liked Someone Is 3 & A Half Years [And Going Strong].
• I'm KindOfSortOfPossiblyProbablyDefinitelyMaybe In Love With My Best Friend.
He's Known For Over Two Years.
Somehow We Make It Work; Even Though At Times I've Let Jealousy Get The Best Of Me.
• The Most Recent Boy I'm A Tad Infatuated With Is Four Years Older Than Me.
We Often Sit By Each Other At Church;
He Often Tells Me I Have A Nice Singing Voice.
I Even Ran Into Him At Lagoon.
Of All Places, Right?
Our Longest Conversation Has Been Two Minutes, TOPS.
I've Been Infatuated With Him Since June.
I Didn't Know His Name Till Mid-August; Up To That Point I'd Referred To Him Solely As "Cute Blonde Boy."
(Though In Retrospect, I Should've Called Him "Cute Blonde Man".)
• I'm Almost Nineteen And Never-Been-Kissed.
• The Only Boy Who Has Tried To Kiss Me Is Gay;
The Joys Of My Life.
• I've Never Had A Quote-Unquote "Boyfriend".
• I've Never Held Hands With A Boy That I Liked.
[But Linked Arms With? DEFINITELY! :) ]
• I'm Pretty Sure I Don't Know How To Flirt?
• My Friends And Family Tell Me That I'm Going To Become A Cat Lady.
I Dislike Cats, Generally; Also I'm Allergic.
But This Teasing Has Been Going On Ever Since My Last Sister Got Hitched.
• I’m A Romantic, Through And Through.

this basically covers it.
Not Much To It; Because It's Not Much Of Anything. :)


  1. um. this is practically the story of my life. my first kiss was like a high five with my face. it's a great story.

  2. I haven't thought of love too much lately. There's just been a lot on my mind nowadays [nothing involving this beating thing inside of my chest], and I don't have a "someone" anymore.. :/

    I like that you're a romantic, whether your "love life" is existent or not. I think that's all that matters, really. :]

    16, and never been kissed. [I just like to think I'm saving it for someone really special. :D]

  3. hippie grandma.

    your blogging is supreme, and i love your stories to death.
    keep writing, i like it.

  4. i think the picture at the bottom perfectly sums up the wish for the heart.

  5. this is fantastic.
    & you are lovely.


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