Monday, October 18, 2010

T,u,r,n, A,r,o,u,n,d.

Tonight I Made Homemade Peppermint Patties.
And They Turned Out To Be Grrrrreat.
Yesterday A Girl I Simply Know About Sat Next To Me In Church And Said,
"So I Hear You're A Wonderful Cook."
Me? A Wonderful Cook?
I'm Okay.
But My Personal Cooking Repetoire Consists Mostly Of Not-Your-Average-Quesadilla's And Other Random Foods Like That.
(As In, My 0wn Creations; I Can Follow Recipes And Make Things Like That Just Fine.)
Generally, I'm More Of A Baker;
But Today I Made Candy.
Fall & Winter Are Perfect For Baked Goods And Candy.
i'm glad this is what i want to do with my life. :)
(I Hope To Be On Top Chef: Just Desserts One Day.)

None Of This Makes Sense.
Cyler Calls Me His Personal Cha Cha.
because whenever he needs to know something random, i often have the answer.
I Should Invest In This,

Hoo-Hoo Knows.

tomorrow is a dinner for the singles ward.
i'm taking this girl in my ward who i'm slightly friends with.
Hopefully I See Heathcliff.
(which is what i'm going to call him from here on out.)

As For Now; I'm Going To Go Listen To The Mix CD I Just Made Full Of Delightful Music And Hit The Hay Hay Hay.
sweet dreams, nevergonnahappenland.

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  1. feel free to make me a quesadilla/baked goods at any given moment.
    p.s. happy birthday to princess lilly. :)


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