Thursday, November 4, 2010

R Is For Rainbows, Relics, And Revenge.

Tonight I'm Mad.
Tonight I'm Upset.
Tonight I'm All O'er The Place.

I Hate One Person On This Green Earth.
One. Person.
Whom I Just So Happen To Hate With A Hatred Of A Thousand Fiery Suns.
that will never change,
even though it must one day.

Lay Off The Past.
he doesn't care;
But Definitely Do Not Insult His Girlfriend.
his super nice, really easy-going, girlfriend.
He's An Amazing Person; You Know That.
Because You're Still Freaking OBSESSED.

you and your friends need to get over the past.
get over him.
leave his girlfriend, who did nothing to you or your minions, alone.

If Lawn Darts Were Still Legal,
I'd Throw One At Your Ridiculously Skanky Head!

Some High Schoolers Are So Frustrating.

i'm not even in high school anymore and we still have to deal with this crap.

I'm Honestly Not An Angry Person;
It's Not My Forte, Not My Scene.
Unicorns Are Mild, Tame, And Magical Creatures;
but people talking crap on any of my best friends, or their significant others or their other un-related friends, pisses me off so badly.

Disregard This Angry Rant.
the unicorn feels.

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  1. we share that in common. same person? prolly not. but i feel you both metaphorically and mentally. no more hoes.


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