Monday, November 8, 2010

Now It's Long Once Again, it's long once again.

I Wore Flip Flops For The First Half Of The Day.
"Big Mistake. Huge."
It's Been Freaking Freezing All The Day.
Rain --> Hail --> Snow.

the upside,
It's Time To Wear Pea Coats. :)

Conan Premiered Tonight.
It's Been A Sad Time Away From Him; This I Mean.
I Adore That Bearded Ginger.
Always Have,
Always Shall.

I've Discovered Another Reason For Never Becoming Addicted To Video Games.
I Never Want To Stand In The Cold In A Line For Some New Game Again.
I Went With Jenn As A Support,
Because She Was Being An Awesome Big Sister And Getting It For Her Little Brother, Junior, At Midnight.

and we ventured all the way to orem just to get taco bell,
because the one in AF was being whack.
How I Love Crunchwrap Supremes.

But Tonight I Saw Davey!
even though i should call him david now,
because he turns 18 in, like, february.
But I've Known Him Since He Was About 9,
and he'll always be that child who had one or two sleepovers at my house,
who i played poker with, using wendy's fries and crackers,
who would go swimming with me on the weekends,
who would bike with me to the AF target,
and who i tragically smacked in the head with a golf club once, when we were mini-golfing.
(i produced blood. i cried basically for fifteen minutes; i felt so bad.)

I Hadn't Seen Him In Years.
since i was probably in eighth grade.
He's So Freaking Cute!
but he's basically an adult,
and it makes me sad to see cute davey all grown up.
He's Still Cute As Practically Adult Davey Though.
i will always, always, always think that. :)
(I've Always Found Him Attractive, Even At A Very Young Age. Kind Of Weird. But I Don't Care. It's How I Feel. Whatevs.)

weird day.
A Tad Odd.

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