Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day Four: Can I Be Your Memory?

It Is Basically Impossible To Peg Just One Favorite Memory Of Mine.
I've Had A Life Filled With So Much Good And Also Some Bad.
For My Favorite Memory,
I'll Be Listing Just A Few From A Vast Jar Of Memories.

angels & airwaves with cyler and jenn.

that snowy day that cyler and i drove illegally for hours and hours.

saturday nights at will and carolina's house.

the ferry driving away from san francisco at night.

assateague island memorial day weekends when i was younger.

keefin's farewell.

playing barbies with my sister and wishing i made barbie houses as well as she did.

halloween of 2008; the special needs dance that thursday, in which i recorded cyler dressed as a vampire. that friday when i sluffed all but math with jenn, ashley, megan, krista and others. that night watching the eye at cyler's with random people.

when jenn and devin would write ridiculously large on my myspace.

the day me, cyler, jenn and alex went to the mall and alex wore the helmet the whole time.

cyler and i attempting to summon diaton and sitting in a protective circle made out of yarn.

christmas eves at grandma's.

the night we "watched hot rod", and the wolf pack was created.

going to seattle.

sadie's when i took cyler and jenn took jansen. that day was fantastic.

morp when i took alex and jenn took cyler. also very fantastic day.

visiting granny at thanksgiving.

megan's sweet 16.

ihop with jenn and cyler, featuring the bag lady, fang, elliot, elliot, and dr. pepper drinking.

wrapping jenn's christmas presents for her.

playing monopoly with cyler.

randomly spending the night at mckaylie's often; especially the night that we post-it note attacked cam's truck with messages to him and cyler.

dropping nate while attempting to dip him at a stake dance.

the first day back of school after thanksgiving break '08; when i saw him i ran to him and hugged him and he thought i was going to pick him up and spin him.

prudence's FUNeral.

harry potter 6 at midnight with jennifer and carson. harry potter 7 at midnight with emily and megan.

sluffing third period with jenn and cyler shloads my junior year.

jenn's 18th, 17th, and 16th birthday celebrations.

walking to albertson's just to get free cookies and to walk past the skate shop to see cute skater boys with ashley.

passing notes with jennifer in german.

cyler's 18th birthday, featuring juan mayer.

"i just watched this movie."

watching quarantine at matthew's with him and sarah.

jennifer and i's random music covers.

cyler peeing on my head. although that experience kind of scarred me, it's still very memorable.

late night phone calls.

memory burns.

the weekend we had the flip for german.

new member visits with chelsea, and us often getting lost.

burying my fred flinstone doll in the yard.

watching ocean's 12 and ocean's 13 with jenn and alex all while pigging out.

the wonder triplets.

all the kids sleeping in the same room on christmas eve.

And I Could Keep Going For Hours, But Don't Want To. :)

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