Monday, November 22, 2010


Yesterday Was The Year Anniversary That I've Had My Blog.
it's crazy how the time flies.
I Was Merely 17, Four Days From 18.
Now (A Day Later) I'm 18, Three Days Away From 19.
One More Year Of My Teenage Years.
how sad shall it be for these brilliantly good and bad years to be gone.
All That'll Be Left Are Merely Memories.
journal entries from days gone by.
I Know I'll Still Act Five.
I'm An 18 Year Old Who Has A Five Year Old And 70 Year Old Trapped In Her Body.
(sounds weird. whatevs.)
But It's Been A Rather Great Year Of Sharing My Thoughts With The Dear Void.
i can only hope for more years to come.
Happy N.I.R.D. Day (yesterday), Blog!
happy NIRD day, happy NIRD day. you're brand new! you're brand new! your code is in the system; you've got global wisdom. good for you! good for you!
(thank you, Phil Of The Future. ps. ricky/raviv ullman, how i miss you.)

Tomorrow I Leave For Napa.
Today I Worked From 3:30 To 9:30 -- which was hell-ish. but alright, cause cy worked too. :)
And I Got My Haircut.
i now have side bangs. strange occurance.

i doubt my ability to blog until next sunday?
So, If I Don't Get To Mention It,

Happy 18th Birthday Megan Abel.
(not until friday; but so what, who cares.)
May 18 Not Take From You Your Child-Like Wonder, And Simple Joys.
(if you haven't read her blog, do it. it's basically life-changing.)

ps. jennifer got me one of the greatest dvd's ever. it's an office dvd featuring all their digital shorts and music videos. it makes me happy.

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  1. oh why thank you dear for the birthday shout out.
    you are stellar.


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