Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Never Play With Lawn Darts.

If Only I Could Marry This Man.
(Even Though He's Married To Emily Blunt.)
I've Loved Him For Five Years, & Going Strong.
He's Gorgeous,
Has Beautiful, Large, Sexy Hands,
Makes Swell Faces,
Has Touchable Floppy Brown Hair,
Is As Tall As A Tree,
And A Smile To Make You Melt.
(Don't Judge Me For Being In Love With A Celebrity; I'm Allowed? Because When You're In Love In Real Life You're Allowed To Be In Love With Someone Who Doesn't Know You.[So It's Terrible Justification; Sue Me.])


  1. oh baby. i love him.
    also, you forgot to mention freaking hysterical. i'm sure he's just as funny or possibly even more funny than in the office.

  2. i don't know how i could've forgotten that bit.
    he makes me laugh incredibly hard.
    i'm disappointed in myself!


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