Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Name's Amelia, And I Like Things.

I Have Problems With Purging.
Have You Ever Seen Any Show Or Special On Hoarding?
I'm Pretty Certain That I'm A Minor Hoarder.
I Have Issues Throwing Things Away;
I Find Things To Be Too Important To Just Toss Out.
When In Reality,
they aren't that important.
they're not vital to my way of living.
their "not being in my possession" won't ruin my life.

So Today,
I'm Purging. :)
Slowly, But Steadily.
First With My Sock And Underwear Drawer.
(I Don't Wear Socks. Practically Ever. So I Got Rid Of A Few Pairs. Granted, I Kept Most Of My Awesome, Random Socks. Even A Few Singular Socks. Like The Sock With The Smiling Cactai And The Sock With The Cats Playing With Yarn.)
And Now I'm Working On My Shoes.
i love shoes. i am a girl. although, i'd much rather be barefoot at all times in my life -- i live where that's not really possible.

Getting Rid Of My Shoes Is Proving To Be Difficult.
Two Of My All-Time Favorite Pairs Of Shoes Are Ratty As They Come.
In Fact,
I Haven't Worn Either Pair In Over A Year.
They're Not Quite Idyllic Anymore.
But It's So Hard To.... Just Let Go Of Them.
I Just Must.
Why Keep Something That I Won't Wear?
(Even If They're Purple Flats With A Gold Hoop; My Pinky Toe STILL Completely Hangs Out Of Each Shoe, And The Bottom Is Held Together With Duct-Tape. Best Shoes I Ever Got At Ross, Regardless Of Them Only Lasting A Couple Of Months Due To Over-Wear.)
(And As For My Other Pair, My Beautiful Pink, Grey, And Blue Unicorn Flats; There Are Holes In The Bottom. They Reek Of Foot. Whenever I'd Wear Them, Patches Of My Feet Would Become Black From Touching Ground. But Hot Topic No Longer Sells Those Shoes That God Made Special For Me.)
Back To Getting Rid Of Awesome, Lovely, And Disgusting Shoes!
Perhaps Next I'll Get Rid Of Clothes?
We'll See.

I Want These Unicorn Heels. :)

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