Saturday, October 2, 2010

Carne Asada Fries.

Conference Was Rather Good Today.
I'll Probably Wind Up Posting My Favorite Quotes At Some Point In The Near Future.

I Attempted The Gallon Challenge Tonight, Also.
I Drank The Most, By Far.
But, I Puked Second.
A Shload Of Puke; It Was Sincerely Disgusting.
(I Gallon Challenged It Up With Chocolate Milk, Because Normal Milk Isn't Easily Drinkable For Me.)
And The Rest Of The Evening Was Humorous To Say The Least.

but the setbacks were puking in my hair.
my head acheacheaching.
And My Room Is A Sincere Mess,
Which I'll Need To Clean Before Going To Sleep,
Or Else Sleep Will Never Come.

so for now,
i'm off to meine schlafzimmer to catch up on some Z's that i definitely didn't get last evening.

PS. I've Hidden My Previous Blog Because I Just Sound Stupid. Sometimes I Do This; Yes.

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