Monday, September 27, 2010

We've Heard All About You, We Know Your Every Move.

Jenn Always Has Interesting Playlists Of The Week,
Or Favorite Songs By A Certain Artist.
This Is My Tribute To John Ohh And His Delightful Musical Comrades.
Here Are My 12 Favorite Songs By The Maine;
(because they're one of my favorite bands.)

1.) Daisy
I Love This Song Because Daisies Are My Favorite Flower, My Best Friend's Dog Is Named Daisy, And I Plan On Naming My Daughter Daisy. :)
and if it takes all night, i swear i'll wait for you forever. sunlight, sunshine, all for you my daisy. getting this before you leave, all for you my daisy.

2.) Santa Stole My Girlfriend
Say Hello To The Most Played Song On My Ipod. :) I Don't Care If It's Christmas; It's Fetching Great.
santa, you bitch, didn't get a damn thing from my christmas list. all i got was this broken heart and that's it.

3.) Listen To Your Heart
What Can I Say? I'm A Sucker For Songs About Love, But Aren't We All?
don't listen to the world, they say we're never gonna make it. don't listen to your friends, they would've never let us start. don't listen to the voices in your head, listen to your heart.

4.) Whoever She Is
I Always Change It To Whoever He Is. :)
she could be rainy days, minimum wage, a book that ends with no last page. whoever she is, whoever she may be, one thing's for sure, you don't have to worry.

5.) Into Your Arms
This Song Reminds Me Of My Best Friend, Due To How Much He Loves It. And I Freaking Love This Music Video. He's Beautiful.
there was a new girl in town, she had it all figured out. i'll state something rash; she had the most amazing.... smile. i bet you didn't expect that.

6.) If I Only Had The Heart
Sometimes This Song Just Tells How I Feel. Sometimes I Wish I Could Scream How I Feel At The Top Of My Lungs Out Of A Moving Car. Simply, I Like This Song. It Fits At Times Of My Life.
i know i sound repetitive, cause i'm repeating myself. and i'm competitive, i want you all by yourself. and that alone is just the problem. i've got these woes, i just can't solve them. if i could gather up the nerve, i'd put my feelings into words. and if i weren't so young, or stupid, or restless, i might be able to just soon forget this.

7.) Ho Ho Hopefully
More Christmas. Hooray!
we go together like the winter and a sweater and he makes me feel, he makes me feel alive inside. and when i look into his eyes i see the blue and green like christmas lights, like christmas lights, oh, what a sight.

8.) We All Roll Along
It Reminds Me Of My Friends. When We Do Everything. When We Do Nothing. Just Being Together.
i remember every night we spent on weekends with good friends. we did nothing, but it seems like we did so much back then. oh, back then we were kicking and laughing, all relaxing and taking things for granted. we did anything for just that little rush, oh yeah.

9.) The Way We Talk (Remix)
Oh, Provactive Lyrics.
when she speaks it makes me grind my teeth, but he still thinks she's amazing. she's been playing games ever since '98. shallow is, as shallow does, yeah, some people never change. she's so fine, she thinks she's so damn fine, she might fine but she ain't worth a second of your time. you're as fake as the moans you make. you're as weak as the hearts you break.

10.) I Must Be Dreaming
I Can't Wait To Have A Guy That I Can Call Sweetheart. :)
tell me that you love me, and it'll be alright. are you thinking of me? just come with me tonight. you know i need you, just like you need me. can't stop won't stop, i must be dreaming.

11.) Shake It
When You Just Need To Let Loose, This Song Definitely Helps. I Wish I Had Cowboy Boots.
i've got a suitcase that's full of my old ways, but i tossed it away and i swallowed that key. so take a deep breath, and throw it all away. so don't fight, cause this is what you need. come on and shake shake shake it around and around again.

12.) You Left Me
I Don't Believe In My Heart Getting Broken. I've Never Really Been Hurt Like This Song Describes, I Guess. But I Thoroughly Enjoy It Regardless.
tried at love, but it never really stuck. you said it's love, but i didn't give a fuhh. you left me with a broken heart, now i feel what i should've from the start.

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