Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let Me Light Up The Sky,

Tonight I'm Going To Blog.
Tonight I'm Going To Write In My Journal.
Tonight I'm Going To Read That Over 50 Verse Book Of Mormon Chapter That I've Been Avoiding By Reading Much Shorter D&C Chapters.
Tonight I'm Going To Tidy Up My Room.
Tonight I'm Going To Make A New Playlist For January.
Tonight I'm Going To Make A To-Do List For The Week.

these things will i accomplish.
(ho ho hopefully.)

Tonight's Blog Will Contain The Events That Occured This Weekend.
(Because I'm Writing This Much Later Than I Expected And Intended To.)
and we're off....

On Freitag,
I Bought Junk Food For Cy On Friday To Attempt To Make Him Feel Better.
Cy Enabled Alex And Olivia To Mack Out, HAHA.
And Cyler Genuinely Hugged Me Back;
What A Swell, Slightly Awkward (Because At First He Wouldn't Hug Me Back On Principle), But Overall Great Hug.

On Samstag,
Me, Cy, Jenn, Alexander, And Junior Did A Mission At The Space Center.
My Job Was Kind Of Boring And Slightly Pointless;
But Cyler Lying To The Orion Pirates Was Funny.
I Still Want To Know How Much That Geeky Guy Gets Paid.
In The Evening I Dyed Cy's Hair.
Hello, Third Time Dying.
I'm Practically A Pro!
(But Not Really.)
And I Dyed Alex's Hair Too.
Cy's Hair Is Now Auburn; Kind Of Rust Colored.
Not What We Intended.
He Still Looks Fiiiiiiiiiine To Me.
And Al's Hawaii Blonde Is Gone.
The Evening Was Finished Off With Me, Jenn, And Alex Hanging Out At My Sister-In-Law's.
Elias. Wonder Pets. Non-Racist Comments. Pickles On Sourdough. A Gay Boy Telling Me He Wants To Kiss Me. My Face Getting Massaged By Alex's Feet. (Not. By. Choice.)

On Sonntag,
Went To The Visiting Ward With Cy And Alex.
Sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives", With Four Other Boys.
Made Cyler Laugh Through Signing.
In This Very Room.
Saying The Closing Prayer; What A First.
Then Family Dinner.
Baby Khloe And Cute Tatum.
And Jenn Accompanying Me To BSED (Bishop's Sunday Evening Discussion.)
In Which I Spoke Briefly With Cliff. :)
(Whom I've Never Mentioned Before Now. Jenn's Convinced I'm In Love With Him, But He Is Soooooo Attractive, And Super Nice To Me.)
And Feeling Like I Fit In A Little More In My Single's Ward.
I Really Really Really Like The People.
And Afterwards Jenn And I Sat On My Porch For Two Hours And Just Talked About A Plethora Of Things.

good weekend.
Who Knows How Next Week Will Go.
Easy A, quizas?
And I Have To Figure Out What To Feed My Fellow Wolves For "Lunch At Amelia's House Thursday."
(And I Need To Become Friends With Cliff And His Blonde, Tall Goodness.)

Buenos Noches Senor Wentworth.

The First Time I Dyed His Hair.
"I Will Kill You If You Mess Up."

The Second Time I Dyed His Hair.
"My Girlfriend Probably Won't Even Notice."

& Tragically,
There's No Photo From The Third Attempt. :(
Just Use Your Imagination;
Conjure Up Your Own Picture.


  1. What is "Buenos Nochoes, Señor Wentworth" from? Please respond it has been stuck in my head for years!

    1. it's from simon birch! hopefully you got my facebook mesage. :)


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