Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On To Me, & All Over Me.

This Week I'm [So Far] Grateful For;

Friends, Friends, Friends.
(Especially A Best Friend With His New Auburn Hair:) ; A Colombian Friend Who Will Sit On My Porch With Me And Talk; A Side-Burned Friend Who Frustrates Me With His Violence; A Friend Who Roller-Blades At Sonic And Calls Me At Random.)
Adorable Nieces & Nephews.
My Baking Skillzzzzz.
Warm Showers.
Good-Looking Cliff. :)
The First Day Of Fall.
John Krasinski And His Tall, Lanky Frame. Beautiful Hair. Large Sexy Hands. And Just His Swoon-Worthy Self.
The Anticipation Of Gas Station Warm Beverages.
The Ability To Read.
New Musackkk.
Teen Mom Being On Tonight!!!
Washing Dishes.
Fall Purging, That I Desperately Need To Do.
When My Fan Doesn't Click And Clack At Night, Which Makes Me Less Annoyed.
Special Needs Sacraments.
My Candle Whose Scent Is Cashmere Woods. So Poetic. So Terrific Smelling.
Blogs I've Discovered Written By People With Amazing Stories, Or Happy Random Things.
Cool Breezes.
Fall Leaveses.
The Films: Bright Star, Head Over Heels, And The Young Victoria.
OJ. (Not Simpson.)
Fall Foods And Baked Goods.
How The Movie Dan In Real Life Has Made Me Long To Go To Rhode Island.
And BYU Television.

i know i haven't put much of my feelings into my blogs lately,
but the week is still quite young,

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