Monday, September 13, 2010

Dust Of Stars.

It's Nearly Autumn.
I'm Excited For Sweaters And Lovely Fall Flats.
Soon The Leaves Will Change;
Although I Miss The Stark, Brightly-Colored Leaves Of Autumns Back East,
I Will Make Do With Utah's Own Touches Of Color.
But The Thing About Autumn That Has Me The Most Excited Is Music.
There's A Sound To Fall,
And I Entirely Love The Sound Of Music Fitting For Falling Leaves, Crisp, Clear Nights When I Find Myself Stargazing, And Warm Friendships.
The Three Bands That Are Newer To My Ears As Of Late Have Been;
Mumford & Sons.
The Honey Trees.
City And Colour.

and they've just got me excited to put my headphones in my ears and just....
Take, It, All, In.

And Just One More Thing Of Numerous Things That I Love About Fall Is
I've Read Two Books In The Past Few Days.
I Particularly Adore Barnes In Noble In The Fall.
You Can't Go Wrong With Book-Browsing While Drinking A Starbucks Creation.

i'm just craving/coveting/needing creative food for my brain.


  1. Sweaters! Falling leaves! Mumford & Sons! Book-browsing! ♥

    Why isn't fall everyone's favorite season?

    I'm PUMPED. :D

  2. Meeeeeeeeeeeee tooooo. Then its winter time! My favorite!


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