Sunday, May 9, 2010

We Used To Drive Up By The Peeing Rock And Talk About The Future.

I Loved This Day.

I Skipped School And Went To A Willowcreek Dance The End Of Sophomore Year.

My Outfit Clashed And I Was In A Terrible Mood This Day.

"Bahahaha LOL", Is All I Have To Say.

Snow Angels In German.

Dr. Jenn, Santa Cyler, Rudolph The Unicorn; Spreading Xmas Cheer!

We'd Skip Third Period And Go To Smith's Marketplace.

One Of The Best Halloween's, Ever.

Cy And I's Snow Fight.

After We Buried Mikey Phelps Jr.

Reunited, And It Felt So Good.

Last Summer, We Had Sign Stealing Problems.

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