Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cause That's What You Do, Ooh.

It's Weird Thinking You Were Once So Young.
I Feel The Same As I Always Have,
But Yet I Know I'm Different.
Whenever I Would Hang Out With My Brothers And Their Friends When I Was Younger,
I Usually Was The Youngest One.
And That's Just How It Was.
I Was The Young, Weird Little Sister.
And Now,
Whenever I Hang Out With My Brothers And Their Friends,
It Just Feels Different.
I'm 18 And A Half.
Older Than The Age My Brothers Were When They Made A Lot Of The Friends That They Still Have Now.
And I Just Feel So Old.
I'm Not Saying 18 & 1/2 Is Old By Any Means,
But For Me,
18 Is Such An Odd Age To Be.
Legally I'm An Adult.
But I Hardly Act Like One.
I Like To Think I'm Pretty Mature,
But I'm Still A Child,
Underneath It All.
I Have Childlike Wonder.
And I Hope That Never Fades Away.
Things Are Continuously Changing.
The Wheels Are Always In Motion.
"Any Change, Even A Change For The Better, Is Always Accompanied By Drawbacks And Discomfort."
Big Changes Are On Their Way.
And To Be Honest?

that scares me to death.

But I'm Grateful For What I Have Now.
I Try And Appreciate All That I'm Given.
I Have Amazing Friends, Who I Would Do Anything For.
I Have A Swell Family, Who Somehow I Just Fit In With.
I'm Given So Much,
And I Should Just Be Happy And Focus On That.

I Know Change Is Coming,
And That Change Is Somewhat Frightening And Hard;
But I Guess I Just Have To Make It Work,
And Hope And Pray For The Best.
And Especially Pray That My Relationships With People Won't Be Altered By These Changes.
That's All I Can Ask For.
And I'm Sure I Won't Change All That Much.
I'll Still Be A Sentimental Shmuck.
I'll Still Try And Do Things For The People Important To Me And Even People I Hardly Know.
I'll Still Be.... Me.
But Me Will Just Have To Deal With Changes.
It's Never Easy - But There's Always A Reason For Things To Change.

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