Thursday, May 6, 2010

Save Us All.

I Generally Dislike When People Set Themselves As The Background On Their Phone.
There Are Minor And Few And Far-Between Exceptions, But Generally:
No. That Makes You More Self-Absorbed.
I Donated Blood Today.
It Took Them Ions Of Time, But They Finally Found A Sufficient Vein.
And Me And Cy Did It Together, So It Was Swell.
Lehi Holds Most Of My Favorite School-Related Memories,
And Going Back There Is Always So Bittersweet.
You Moving Is A Reality.
A Harsh, Harsh, Cruel Reality.
Seeing The Boxes Of Your Family's Stuff Stacked In Your Garage Makes Me Want To Cry.
You Not Being A Stone's Throw Down The Street Is A Terrifying Thought.
You No Longer Being A Part Of My Church-Going Experience Is Terribly Sad.
I'm Trying Hard To Get My Packets Done, But I Don't See A Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Which Is East Shore Graduation.
I'm Ready For May Weather.
No More Harsh Wind, The Occasional Snow, And Altogether Chilly Weather.
Special Needs Ending Makes Me Feel Down.
I've Spent Practically Every Thursday (Minus In The Summer) For The Past Two Years With Cyler, At Special Needs Mutual.
Losing That,
It Makes Me Sad.
My Zebra Brand Pen Ran Out Of Ink This Week.
Not Having That Specific Kind Of Pen In My Posession Makes Me Unhappy Whenenver I Have To Write Anything.
I Must Get More Pens!
I Find Myself Missing Englais 11 With Dream Faced Tanner Skousen And Super Swell Alee Holbrook.
That Class With Them Last Year Was Thrilling.
My Hair Is Continuously Whackadoodle.
My Biggest Accomplishment This Week (And This Month) Was Placing An Awesome Wolf Tattoo On My Best Friend's Neck In The Boy's Bathroom At School.
How Awesome Is That?
Stop Being A Crazy Batch Of Cookies To Him.
You're Going To Lose Any Slight Chance You Ever Had With Him In The First Place If You Keep Up With This.
January Seems So Sad Minus Her Batman Sticker.
We Had A Family Dinner On Tuesday,
And The Commotion Was Good.
And This Is My Shoutout To Abs And Baby Xander!
It Was Enjoyable.
I Love Water.
It's Refreshingly Crisp.
I'm Grateful For The Great Things I Have,
I'm Very Blessed.
And I'm Not The World's Most Amazing Person,
Nor Am I Probably The Most Swell Friend In The World.
I Try,
And Am Trying.
'Tis A Lifelong Process.
I Like The Song American Honey By Lady Antebellum.
.... And I'm Not Even Ashamed.
I Hate Sneezing Attacks.
Simply Raspberry Lemonade Ist Sehr Gut.

if there's a day, there's a way
you can get yourself there.
golden smile, you got style
that they can't take away.

That's For Anyone Who Needs It.

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  1. Shout out! What! What! :) Millie, I love you! Please know that. I hope I get to see you at Boo-coo-dee-bep-poo today! I think I'm going to buy you an awesome pen. LOVES!


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