Monday, May 3, 2010

Open Lungs & Open Eyes.

The Upsides To Today:

I'm Watching The Phoenix Suns vs. The San Antonio Spurs Game.
(GO SUNS!!!)
I Found A Rather Decent Book To Read.
I Got To Hug My Best Friend, Which Always Fills Me With Joy.
I Downloaded Music.
I Deciphered A Note Written In Code.
I Went On A Walk With My Mother.
I Got To Sleep In And Woke Up To A Call From My Best Friend.
I Get To Hear Stories From Yennifer When She Calls Me Later.
I Got New Shampoo That Smells Beautiful.
I Put In My New Effort To Talk Less Crap.
I'm Still Happy About The Postcard My Sister Sent Me Telling Me She Liked My Writing.
The Maine Has A New Single!!!

I Would Now List The Many Downsides To My Day,
But I'm Attempting To Focus More On The Positive Things In My Life.
I Have So Much To Be Grateful For,
Especially The Smaller Things.

goodnight neverland.

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