Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's Sail Away,
Find Our Own Country.
We'll Build A House And Beds Out Of Palm Trees.
Let's Get Away.
Let's Push Our Lives Aside.

- Island; The Starting Line.

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  1. dear gma.
    i know things are getting you down about how everyone is being retarded and ending things with you. well to you i say fear not, for i, your loyal grand daughter, official brown friend with off white colored legs will always be here for you. i pinky freakin promise! you are my best friend. no scratch that you are levels above my best friend, your family... wait yes you are! your my grandma so that makes us family! that should be bring you joy like it did to me! you are an amazing friend, everyone has just walked all over you. you are always willing to listen and help others with their troubles and expect nothing in return. you are my assistant and i do not pay you. sad. but alas that shows how truly great you are. you stay magical and do not stress things you have no control over. someday they will regret what they have done because you are one of the greatest friends anyone could ever have. trust me! anyways im going to finish my cookie crisp, shower and call you. and if you are not in a good mood, i will sing. you have been warned.
    sincerely, dr jennifer beatriz palomino, first officer, adimiral colombian :)


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