Sunday, May 9, 2010

Are You My Mother?

Technically, This Is My Second Blog Of The Day.
I Never Do This.
But I Wanted To Talk About My Ma;
For It's Mother's Day,
And She (As All Mothers) Should Be Celebrated.

Most Of The Time I Call My Mother Harriet.
It Used To Be Only When I Needed Her Attention Or If We Were Fighting.
I Think At Times She Really Doesn't Like Me Calling Her Harriet,
But To Me,
It's Indearing.
I Call Her Harriet Because In To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout Calls Her Father Atticus.
It's Normal To Her,
And She's Used To It.
For Some Reason,
It Shows Her Love For Him.
I Love My Mother, Quite A Lot.
And We Both Love To Kill A Mockingbird.
I Just Call Her Harriet,
Because To Me,
It's Okay And Just Fits.

My Mother Has Always Been There For Me.
During The Summer Before My Junior Year,
She Was My Best Friend.
I Had Hardly Anyone To Confide In,
Quite Saddened By All That Had Happened Within The First Month Of The Summer Season.
But I Remember Talking To Harriet,
All Of The Time.
We'd Be Outside,
Late At Night,
She Would Garden And I Would Talk.
I Would Tell Her All Of My Problems,
And She Just Understood.
She Knew I Was Hurting,
And That Hurt Her.
But She Let Me Fight The Battles I Needed To Fight.
She Offered To Talk To Certain People,
But I Never Wanted That.
And She Respected My Choices.

She's Stuck By Me,
Especially When I Didn't Deserve It.
She's Been One Of My Biggest Supporters This Year.
And I Feel Bad Because I've Been Such A Disappointment.
Most Of Our Fights Have Been Over School.
And We Rarely Fight,
And When We Do,
I Always Apologize Soon After.
I Always Feel Bad Because Normally I'm The One In The Wrong.
We're Not Perfect.
We Bicker.
We Yell At Each Other.
But I Love Her Very Much,
And Am So Grateful For All Of The Sacrifices She Has Made For Me.
She's Done So Much For Me Throughout My Life,
And Continually Does Every Day.
She's Inspired Me To Want Cooking As My Career.
She's The One Who Gave Me My First Cookbook,
My First Apron.
Who Is Always Willing To Help Me Even Though Sometimes I'm Just Plain Stupid.
But I'm So Grateful For Her And All Of The Time We've Gotten To Spend Together.

Countless Times Shopping (Although I'll Always Despise Fabric And Quilt Shops Because Of Her.)
All The Times She Let Me Stay Home From School (Even Though I Should've Gone, But Still, It Was Time We've Gotten To Spend Together.)
Her Always Reading To Me When I Was Little, And Making Up Swell Stories For Me,
Just Because She Wanted To.
(I Like To Think My Imagination Is Because Of My Mother.)
And Last, But Certainly Not Least,
The Times We've Gone To The Cracker Barrell And Have Talked In Thick Southern Accents Using The Names Of Verna And Velma.

Dear Harriet/Ma,
I Love You So.
And Am Grateful For All Of The Things You've Done For Me Since I Was Born.
And I'm Glad We Got To Watch Glee And Eat Oreo's At One In The Morning Last Night.

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