Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Stranger With A Door-Key.

On My Mind;

I'm Graduating Seminary, At Least I Have That.
Oh, How I Love You And Love Our Slightly Strange Friendship.
I Believe I'm Now Mildly Obsessed With Glee. Odd, Right?
I'm Proud Of Jenn For Graduating Seminary Tonight And That She's Going To Graduate From Westlake (As Gay As That School Is).
My Nephew Tatum Stayed With Us For A Whole Week And Left Today; I Miss Him Already Even Though He Wore Me And My Parents Out.
I Need To Be Working Harder; I Know I Could Get More Done If I Set My Mind To It.
Life Feels So Much Better Without That Particular Girl Around.
My Mother And I Sang In Church Today, And Did Fairly Well; But Is It Strange That Compliments Make Me Feel Weird?
No Air By Jordin Sparks And Chris Brown Will Always Be One Of My Favorite Songs.
So, So, So, So Tired Of My Ward, Especially When Cyler Isn't Around.
Only One More Thursday Of Special Needs Mutual. :/
The Word Failure Should Be Tattooed On My Forehead.
I Sincerely Love Laughing, Especially When I Laugh Particularly Hard For No Reason With Cyler.
Books Are Bueno.
I'd Die Without My "Wolf Pack".
I Need To Write Cam A Letter; If Only I Spoke Espanol.
Still Lacking Decent Pens. It Sucks.
I Need To Search For A Semi-Decent Job.
I Feel Like I've Lacked Energy Lately, And I've No Clue As To Why.
I Got Two 4.0's On My East Shore Essays This Week; Lori Hadn't Ever Given A 4.0 To An Essay Before, So I Was A First. They Said It's A College-Essay Score.
You're Still Moving; I'm Still Torn Up About It. (But As Long As I Get To Help You Paint Your Room, I Think I'll Be Okay.)
I Regret All The Times I Am Rude And/Or Make Rude Comments.
And Lastly,
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.

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