Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Secrets, Secrets, Are No Fun.

I Posted My Favorite PostSecret Of The Week, In Honor Of Going To The PostSecret Event Today.
It Was Great; Really.
And I Didn't Think It Was Anywhere Near To Long Enough;
I Just Wanted To Hear More, More, More.
I Wanted More People To Stand Up And Tell Their Secrets.
But The Best Part About The Night Was Yennifer, Olive City And Myself Sharing Secrets With Each Other On The Car Ride Home.
I Think That Sharing Secrets With People Really Connects You,
And I Love Being Able To Tell My Secrets To Others.
(Mostly Cyler And Jenn, Though. Haha.)
Our Secrets Do Show A Lot About Us.
As Frank Said This Evening,
"all of our secrets tell all of our stories."

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