Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Say, Who Is This Dame Anyways?

It's Only Morning.
And Today I Didn't Feel Up To Going To School.
(When Have I Ever, As Of Late?)
So Here I Am,
Putting Off The Math Packet That I Need To So Desperately Finish,
And Listening To Broken Bells.
(The Band - Not Literally Am I Listening To Bells That Are Broken.)
I Have Severely Weird Dreams;
They're Troubling.
Last Night I Had A Dream Featuring The Young Man I Liked Immensely From 5th To 7th Grade.
His Name Is Unimportant, All You Need To Know Is He's Blonde And Loves Basketball.
(Seems I Have A Type, Hmm? [: )
And It Is Strange To Me That The Dreams I Have Are Triggered By My Feelings Of The Day, By The Last Thoughts I Think And Obsess Over Right Before My Eyes Finally Close And My Mind Goes To A Completely Different Place.
On Average, Most Of My Dreams Revolve Around My Best Friend.
They Have For Nearly Three Years,
I Still Remember The First Dream I Dreamt Of Him.
It Was The Summer Of '07, And I Dreamt We Were In His Brother's (Which Is Now His) Truck.
For Some Reason, The Dashboard And Steering Wheel Were So High Up, And We Were So Short And Couldn't Reach.
So We Were Sitting On Piles And Piles Of Books And Phone Books,
Just So He Could Drive Us Wherever It Was We Needed To Go.
And That's The First Dream He Was In.
My Most Memorable Dreams Include Him; Especially The Oddest Ones.
I've Just Been Thinking About Dreams Lately,
How They Show Subconscious Desires And Other Such Things That Only You Think Or Know.
Moving On;
I Can't Lie.
The Fact That I'm Almost Certain That My Friendship With Two People Is Over Kind Of Makes Me Sad.
Because We Were Pretty Close.
And We Had Some Good Times -
And Although I'm Glad That I'm No Longer "In The Middle",
At The Same Time It Makes Me Slightly Sad.
But That's Just Me; Things Affect Me Deeply.
I Need To Look On The Bright Side Of Things.
I Have Amazing Friends. (A Wolf Pack.)
And Honestly, The Two Best Friends Any Person Could Have.
Even Though I'm Pretty Sure That's All I've Got Going For Me At The Moment.
School Sucks.
I'm Still Jobless.
Overall, I Am A Failure.
But Optimism Is Key I Suppose.
Things Will Look Up, They Always Do.
Someday I'll Fly, Someday I'll Soar. Someday I'll Be Something Much More.
And Tomorrow, Postsecret! (At Least, I Hope So.)
And Today, At The Moment, I'm Watching Singin' In The Rain.
And I Have Roof Over My Head.
And Flats And Flip Flops For My Feet.
And A Blue Capsleeve That Goes So Well With This Multi-Colored Top.
And Golden Puffs To Eat For Breakfast.
And A Good Family Who Does So Much For Me.
And I Have My Scriptures To Read.
And Of Course, My Dear Best Friends.
Even, If Not Especially, Do The Little Things Matter.
And It Rained Last Night, And It's Lovely Outside Today.
Bright, Bright Sun.

and really, that's all i feel the need to say right now.

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  1. I think adore you.
    and that's all I feel the need to say right now.


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