Thursday, April 15, 2010

She's Here. She Loved It Here. We Were Happy In This House.

Here Is What I'm Thinking;

• i'm glad i'm not friends with either of you anymore. all you did was bring me down. and i have no desire to be any part of what you guys are doing with your lives.
• it makes me cry to see how much your relationship with your parents' affects you. i know you hate it getting to you, but i know that you're hurting. i wish your parents truly saw you for the amazing person that you are. you do so much for them; i just wish they appreciated that better. and i hope they change how they treat you before it's too late. i honestly do. you deserve so much better than the way they act towards you. i don't know how on god's green earth they don't see what an incredible person you are and how hard you try, every single day.
• don't let those snitches get you down. you're so much better than them and their 9th grade dramatics. you'll go far, my dear. keep rising above, and continue being the strong, mature young lady that you are. you have serious potential.
• i'll keep your secret. don't you worry. and i'm glad you finally felt like you could share it with me. that makes me glad.
• i'm going to start changing things. i'm going to try much harder, and try and disappoint people a lot less than i'm sure i do now.
• i don't think i'd ever had an "awkward car hug" until this evening. i quite liked it and it made me laugh at how weird it was. but you've always been my favorite person to hug, even awkwardly, in the car. and i just couldn't help but hug you!
• the beautiful weather fills my soul with happy thoughts.
• my dream job as a young lady is to work in a barnes and noble. i'd thrive; i know it. :)
• this "being nicer" and giving you more of a chance thing has been beneficial. you're actually a rather nice girl, and i'm glad i'm putting in the effort to kind of get to know you. even though some things still bug, but what e'er.
• i love getting burnt. even though i might get skin cancer and be really wrinkly when i'm at an old age; i like knowing the sun left its mark on my skin.
• i feel like painting. (not artistically, i don't have much artistic talent such as that. but painting as in painting walls. i really hope i get to help cy paint his walls. that'd make me rather joyous!)
• some days i just don't feel really pretty, and i've felt like that all week, honestly.
• the playlist i created this week for january (my ipod, for those of you unaware) is actually quite swell.
• kit kats never get old. crispy kit kats, especially.
• i'm a laundry whore. as in, i do laundry far too often. but i love it. clean clothes is spectacular.
• this unicorn needs to invest in some chapstick, lotion and a water bottle. life would be better with those three things. or maybe just more manageable.
• i hope i've been a better person as-of-late. i've tried, because i realized how much i disliked myself and how i've acted lately. but i'm trying to do and be better. my friends deserve that much.
• i talked to olive city about religion tonight. i'm LDS and she's catholic, and it makes me glad that we're both rather open minded and i could tell her things and we could just talk, y'know? i don't know why, but it was just nice to talk to someone who isn't LDS about religion.
• i am blessed with incredible friends. need i say much more?

My Blogs Have Contained Far More Various Thoughts From Me.
So You May Disregard Them If You Wish.
It's Just Nice Voicing The Odd Things I Think.
Thank You For Your Time.

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  1. I have both laundry and painting (as in the wall kind) that need immediate attention, feel free to come on over.

    Stop disappointing yourself first. Then you'll find that disappointing others: A. Happens less frequently and/or B. No longer matters.


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