Sunday, March 3, 2013

We're "In Sync", Like The Band.

I Don't Know How To Write This Blog Post.
so i've put it off. or more like i decided to not write it until after jenn left.
but it's sunday night.
and sunday nights always have me full of feelings.

My Best Friend Enters The MTC On Wednesday.
it's a weird fact that i can't really wrap my head around.
and to be honest, it still doesn't feel real. but the past few days it's started to feel less impending and more like, "holy cow this is actually happening."
things will change on wednesday.
for the better, really.
jenn is going into this huge, life-altering adventure and i'm honestly so excited for her.
she's always been a big fish in a small pond, and she's going to go to europe, which is like the friggen ocean,
she will do amazingly.
i haven't a doubt in my mind.
she's already been a really good missionary ever since i met her, whether she acknowledges or not,
but on tuesday evening she'll be set apart as a missionary and she'll get a tag and she'll just be an even better missionary.
and it's going to be hard. for everyone, really. especially her. but she is such a fighter! whether she says it's just a face she puts on, i know it to be true. and she works hard for things that she wants.
i'm trying not to look at this as losing her for 18 months.
she'll be gone and i'll be sad and less myself, but she'll be losing herself in the lord's work and will be changing the world. so i'm trying to not be selfish about her leaving.
but i'm going to be a wreck. i kind of already am. i just haven't talked about my feelings. they're hard to put into words.

spain is getting my partner in crime, my sister, my "BFF", the boss to my assistant, the hall to my oates; the jenn to my amelia, ultimately.

but, as i once sang with her mom, "i will survive". (somehow.)
for the next 18 months it's going to be so weird not having her a phone call away.
not seeing her face practically every day.
not hearing her laugh-cry at "breakfast and lunch, dawg!"
not having late night food runs.
not watching good and also awful movies.

but i'm trying to remember that 18 months isn't that long. it feels like courtney left a few weeks ago for chicago, when in reality she's been home from her mission for almost two weeks already. (and it's been so nice having her home. i love my little 'arry.)
we can do this, right?
i sure hope so.

Jenn --
i love you. you're like a big bowl of buttttttaa'.
but really.
you're truly one of the best friends i have ever had.
you've put up with me since we were 14.
you get my odd sense of humor and my obsessive personality.
you've been with me through the thick and thin, and the next 18 months are going to be really hard, but they'll be so worth it.
and i'll send you so much snapple while you're in the MTC.
i'll make it rain [snapple]!
and we still have two more days until you leaf me,
so we don't have to say our "see you laters" just yet.

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