Saturday, January 5, 2013

you left this morning. you weren't planning on leaving until tomorrow, but you had to leave in a hurry today, instead. you texted me and told me that you were sorry you didn't get to say goodbye, but you'll be up here in a few weeks. so that's the bright side. you told me your dad has my movies. i almost wish you would've taken them with you, because then you'd almost be taking a part of me, considering you do have some of my favorite movies still. i felt sad when you texted me, but i didn't cry. that was until you texted me back saying you would miss me a ton. and then i thought about you not being five minutes away and not having you here to eat all the food in my house and watch good movies with me, and then i cried. (i'm mildly an emotional wreck this week, for some reason. it happens when i'm sick.)

beyond liking you, and you being my movie soulmate; you're really one of my best friends. i can tell you anything. you always make me laugh. you put up with my non-starting car. you appreciate the things i like. you don't expect me to be anything that i'm not. you believe in me and my big, long-shot dreams.

i know you're only going to college, and you'll be less than four hours away, but i still feel sad about it. it is what it is.

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