Saturday, January 19, 2013

This and That.


my dear friend valerie's dad died last week, and i've felt very sad about that. i've known val since the 7th grade, and the first time i met her dad was in 10th grade. he came to the school to talk to her seminary teacher, whom she didn't get along with. then he let us skip class and bought us cafe rio. he came into smith's multiple times a week, and i saw him like two days before he passed away. i just feel very sad for valerie and her family. her dad was a great guy.
i'm going to chicago february 6th through the 10th, and i'm so excited. i've driven through illinois before, but never have gone to chicago. i'm excited to see my mandagins and spend time with my sister meggy in the windy city. it shall surely be an adventure! (maybe i'll run into hermana thomas...? wishful thinking.)
my dear pegasus/david got his mission call to the czech/slovak mission! i miss that boy and his baby blues. and he will be a glorious missionary -- i know it.
the movie soulmate's been gone two weeks, and it still kind of sucks. whatever.
i got an autographed box set of john green's novels a few weeks ago and it makes everything in the world better. he is my literary soulmate, after all.
harriet and i have been rewatching breaking bad; we're a cute mother and daughter pair.
jennifer turns 21 next week and i'm exciiiiiiiiiiited. she's going through the temple tomorrow. isn't that crazy? i can't even believe it. i'm so happy for her. she'll do us proud in espana. :)
they played "my cherie amour" in the store today, and it made my heart burst with happiness. (it reminds me of you, because you love it. and because it's bradley cooper's hate-song in silver linings, which we went and saw together.)
i'm admittedly in love with christoph waltz. sure, the man turns like 57 this year, but he is like a fine wine. and i am very fond of him. especially with his beard in django unchained. judge not lest ye be judged.
i still love one direction. so, there's that.
i wanted to try and watch all the movies that are nominated for best movie at the oscars this year, but i doubt i'll accomplish this goal. i've seen 5 of the 9, though. so more than half is an accomplishment, i'd say.
my life is boring. honestly. hence my not blogging very often. i do apologize.

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