Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

it's 4 in the morning, new year's day.
do i use the apostrophe in year's or not?
i feel as if i'll never get it right.
i'm sorry i rarely blog anymore.
i would say it's because i'm busy; but i'm not really.
i mostly just work. and watch netflix. and do things with my friends. and when i say do things i mostly mean watch movies or things along those lines. interesting life i do lead. ha.
maybe i'll get better at it in 2013.... probably not. let's be reasonable here.
i'll try.
i guess i should do the gratuitous recap of 2012 post?
here are some snippets;

i took the ACT.
my best friend went on his mission, but returned two weeks later.
i fell out of "love", and fell into something else that i can't quite figure out. (you can also say this: i found my movie soulmate. big deal. and he's more than my movie soulmate. i don't know.)
i worked a lot?
i had like two good hair days. but, seriously, i see pictures of my hair in 2012 and i don't even know what to say. dreadful.
my best friend got her mission call to madrid, spain! :)
john krasinski, the love of my life, tweeted me back.
#dumpfire (need i say more? but wait. why is this on here? this was like a two day thing and we almost got evacuated and it wasn't even that exciting. mehr.)
one of my best friends from high school got married, and i was a bridesmaid and made her wedding cake.
i lost my perrie bug. :/
my best friend moved to cedar city, and i hate that he's so far away.
people grew up.
lots of people i know/used to be friends with when i was younger got hitched and are having children. yikesabee.
i turned 21.
i discovered breaking bad.
i did not win a magic bullet at the work party, yet again. but taylor debra gave me a knockoff that is actually way cooler.
i read some truly terrific books, and saw some incredible movies.

and really, in all actuality, 2012 wasn't that interesting of a year? i mean there are things that happened that i'll never forget. and i guess even if it wasn't incredibly interesting, it sure was a life-changing year. and i wouldn't trade that for anything i suppose.

2013 is a new year. it has a lot in store, and i feel like this should be my year. i'm finally going to start college, which i've been putting off for like, umm, only three years. no biggie or anything.

soon to come, favorite movies of 2012. (yeah, i'm copying jenn totally. no regrets. love you boo.)

ps. i had an excellent new year's eve.


  1. Hah, yes! Thanks for not being another oh my life was so cool person... In reality I spent the days reading books and cooking for my family and going out every once in awhile and that's how twenty twelve passed. Growing up and watching those around you move on is the strangest thing. Music/movie soulmates are the best to find. Have a happy new year.

  2. got mad love for my homie.

    can't wait for your list. :)


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