Sunday, December 23, 2012

Krasinski And I Are Friends. (Not Really. But sort of.)

if there's one thing you should know about me,
it's that i'm madly in love with john krasinski.
i have since the moment i saw him on the office, one special spring day in march of 2005.
it's sufficient to say that the man has owned my heart ever since.
i love everything he does. the genuine nice and good guy that he is. how hysterical he is. how intelligent he is. i even love his wife.
recently, he got a twitter.
finally, the twitter gods were smiling upon us.
and he would tweet back at fans randomly; because he's just that much of a sweetheart.
and i was determined to get him to tweet back at me.
because really, my life would partially be complete. (not really. because i would like to meet him. i would tell him he is magical and that i love him but not in a weird way but in a genuine way. i will meet him. watch me.)
i [weirdly] get his tweets to my phone, because that's just how i am.
and he was tweeting at a couple of fans yesterday, and so i sent him out a couple. (mostly ones that were weird. i can't help it. it is what it is.)
and then in a last-ditch effort, i sent a final tweet for the day. not thinking anything of it.
and two minutes later i was sitting at a stop sign, waiting for traffic to clear, and i saw my phone light up. and i saw the bubble and it said "@johnkrasinski: @am..." and i thought, WHAT. and i looked at it, and surely enough, john burke krasinski had tweeted back at me. and i started screaming and hitting the steering wheel and left jennifer a frantic and loud voicemail,
and that was that.
it was a beautiful beautiful moment.
(don't judge me. i acknowledge the fact that i'm a weirdo. okay.)

here's the tweet if you haven't seen it; i've pretty much plastered it on every social network i belong to. no shame, you guys.

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