Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tramps Like Us, Baby, We Were Born To Run. ;)

I Apologize For A Lack Of Blogging.
i guess i haven't had much to say.
scratch that;
i've had a lot to say, but no idea how to put it to words.
i'll try and keep up a little more frequently than i've been.
i just suck at keeping up with things during the month of november.
i'm not sure why.
it's probably a combination of things. like the holidays starting and my birthday, and all that jazz.
tomorrow i'll post a birthday post for my best friend whose birthday was three weeks ago.

but i want to bring up one thing.
a lot of people don't read my blog, but one of my most persistent readers is my best friend, jenn.
tonight, i "taught" jenn how to make cupcakes, and we made like over 40 cupcakes for a human trafficking awareness bake sale she's a part of at school, with her canadian friend and classmate.
and on the drive to orem, to drop them off, she talked to me about feelings and her impending mission and other such things, and it was really nice.
i know she doesn't think it,
but i'm going to miss her so much when she goes on her mission.
i honestly don't know what i'm going to do.
i'll likely die.
i probably won't leave my house.
and i'll write her 365 LETTERS. I WROTE YOU EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR.
sorry, that escalated quickly.
but i don't really talk about her leaving because i'm just in denial.
so there's that.
i love you, jennipferd!
we really is like peas and carrots.
(pack me in your suitcase when you leave. okay. end semi-emotional/denial of emotion blog post.)

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  1. Oh my goodness! I hope you do start blogging frequently again! The Notebook quote made me nearly lose my control on my bladder. HAHAHAHAHAHA


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