Friday, August 31, 2012

1992, 2012.

20 years. two decades.

it was this man's 20th birthday on the 31st. :)
twenty years old.
you've been a part of my life since i was 15 and you were 14.
i would have never thought that we'd become best friends, but i'm happy with how the way the years have turned out.
no one makes me laugh as much as you. you know things about me that no one else does, and vice versa. we've had so many adventures and good times.
i know the past six months have been really hard for you, but i can't imagine you being not here, and everything happens for a reason;

you just deserve so much and i wish every happiness for you. i want you to be happy and feel love, and i hope that life gets better than it has been. most sincerely.
i love you cyler jacob,
yous maa breast friend, forrest. :)

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