Friday, June 15, 2012

there are days where things aren't perfect.
when your mother kind of annoys you a lot,
when eating training table makes you feel somewhat ill,
when you forget some of your work clothes,
when your till is short $200 dollars, and you're unsure why,
when the people you want to see happy don't seem very happy,
when netflix doesn't like working,
when you ask your nephew if he loves you and he says, "i don't love you. i only like grandma",
when you get the hiccups four times. FOUR TIMES,

but then you're pleasantly surprised by the little things--

getting a quart of training table's ranch to dip mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders in late at night,
getting to work and a certain someone being really excited to see you and asking you if you want to watch a movie tonight, (but then shantel ruins it a little bit when she's all "i think he likes you. and look, you're blushing". it is what it is.)
getting to see wendy larsen; because you miss her and her witchcraft, lolz,
getting to watch airplane with some of your favorite people-- i don't care who you are, that movie is funny,
getting to remember that your life is not groundhog day, so make the most of it,
getting to hug someone for the first time-- i know this doesn't seem very important, but it was really quite nice, judge me,
getting nice texts,
getting to laugh your rear end off about the most random things,

and can i just say that tank tops on men is kind of growing on me?
although i've never had anything against them, i've always been pro-man tank top,
but it's growing on me even more as of late.

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