Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We All Have Been Degraded, We All Will Be The Greatest.

This Is Cyler Rodabough:
cyler and i "met" (or should i say, finally noticed each other) on a sunday.
the year was 2007.
he thought i was weird and i thought he was kind of cute;
but we both thought each other were hilarious,
and we became the best of friends in no time.

March 22, 2012,
Cyler Embarks On A Journey To Ghana, Africa.
he is going to serve a two year mission for the lord.
his flight leaves thursday morning, bright and early, and he'll arrive in ghana some time on friday.

Communicating With Each Other Will Be Difficult.
africa is rather far away,
i doubt we will get to talk to one another a lot over the next two years, and that will be very hard,
but we'll manage.
and maybe things will change, and we'll change, but i know our friendship is one that will last forever.
he is going to be so wonderful, i know it. he will touch many lives. it's just destiny, you know? that he's being sent there and everything.
i am so excited for him, honestly! :)
even though it is going to difficult, and not very easy for him or any of us, he will face it head on make the best of it. i know he will.

cyler jacob,
You Will Always Be My Best Friend,
And My Catman,
And My Mr. Applesauce,
And My Frodo,
And My Captain.

it's not goodbye;
more of a see ya later, alligator.
i will miss you more than words can express,
but i am so proud of you and so excited for one of the greatest adventures of your lifetime.

as you so wonderfully and lovingly put it,
"pack, being your guy's captain was the best. and as you know, it's time for me to turn in my badge and call it quits for a little while. before i leave, know that i love each and every one of you. i'll miss you all, more than anything. stay strong, stay close. and remember, i cannot live, i can't breathe, unless you do this with me."

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  1. My best friend is also going to Ghana for his mission, in 2 weeks actually. so I know exactly how you feel. It will all be worth it though.. That's what I keep telling myself.


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