Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Friends Are A Different Breed, My Friends Are Everything.

we'd had an adventure.
perfect for us.
(jenn, alex, taylor, hailey, cyler and i.)
then we did the hugging rounds.
we each hugged him individually, because tonight he got set apart, and tomorrow morning we won't be able to hug him goodbye, goodbye.
then we had a group hug.
there were some tears.
(mostly from me.)
then he got into his truck, and drove away.
the five of us stood in the street in silence, just looking around and avoiding eye contact.
then we heard his truck, and we finally saw it.
he'd pulled up into the alley on the other side of my house.
he jumped out of the truck and yelled,
"i couldn't do it! i couldn't leave!"
and he ran towards us,
and we all embraced, quickly.
and we all broke down and were sobbing.
literally weeping.
i could feel him rubbing my back.
when we broke from the hug, he had tear drops on his shirt from us.
And Then He Left.
we'll see him in the morning.
i'm nervous, and excited.
i've been carrying wilson around with me ever since he left this afternoon.
I Am Grateful For The Friends That I Have.
and for his example. <3

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  1. it was such a movie moment. i'm glad we'll have this goodbye to remember him by for the next 2 years.


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