Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Your Phone Goes Off With A Picture Of Your Mother.

i'm not even sure what to blog about.
my mind hasn't been here.
at least not this week.
i'm complacent about everything.
and have seriously had a "i honestly don't care" attitude.
i only got scheduled twelve hours this week, which is awful, and yet i honestly don't care.
two episodes of supernatural get recorded five days a week and i still have episodes from last week, because i just don't care.
and i've put off so many different things because of this same attitude.
i'm not sure what's wrong with me.
i'm just tired of sameness, i guess.
same old work, same old shows, same old shoes, same old house.
i need something to spice up my life.
and david left. and perhaps that's another reason for my complacency.
it was nice having someone else to look forward to at work.
and yesterday while i was working i went into the bathroom and just wanted to cry because no one i cared about (aside from teresa, really) was there, and it was awful the whole time.
david was a nice change. and now he's gone back to the warm nevada sun, leaving us with our snow (finally).
and i just feel bad for cyler because girls are dramatic and complicated when they're teenagers (and in general) and so he's hardly making headway with any girl he'd like to. he's not even looking for a girlfriend. and girls are just being straight up weird.
and jenn is being good about school and everything and i'm happy for her; i mean she won't even skip school on her birthday and if that were me i totally would. but she is showing some awesome dedication. i'm proud of her. :)
and courtney is off in chicago being an awesome missionary and i miss her and talking in accents with her all the days.
and alex is so busy with school and MATC and tutoring and work and cheer and so he hardly can spend time with us and it's strange hardly seeing him asides from thursdays and one day of the weekend.
and taylor and hailey are in school and busy with dance and life.
and i've used the word and about a thousand times -- i sincerely apologize.
today was just weird and rather dull, to be quite honest.
i got to watch khlo-bear, suzo's and tato though, and tomorrow i'll get to watch collie and jakey, so that's always nice.
but it's just one of those wintery weeks, i s'pose.

My Blog Has Become Nothing.
and i'm rather sorry 'bout that.

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  1. i miss her too. but's okay. things will get better. (:

    maybe you need a vacation.


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