Monday, January 23, 2012

You Just Remember What Your Old Pal Said, You've Got A Friend In Me.

20 Photos Of 20 Memories;

1.) we used to pretend to not have our gym clothes and would just spend lifetime activities walking around the bleachers in the gym at lehi. on occasion we'd stop by our patch of grass in the back and stand there until we got yelled at.

2.) we had to go to the DI and pick out ugly sweaters and sweater vests for our ugly sweater party. obviously, we're sexy. take off that vest, you look like aladin.

3.) fourth of july, 2011. we drove up a mountain and watched fireworks. and we listened to the national anthem. we pigged out on junk food and the three of us shnuggled together in the tiny tent. this was my favorite fourth of july, of practically ever.

4.) morp of our senior year. i took alex and jennifer took cyler. we were hot dates.

5.) even though jenn loved westlake, she still supported good old lehi high with ashley and i. she's true to her friends.

6.) she's my best friend because she supports my stealing of timmy's and she's one of the few people i can talk to for hours about everything that's ever happened throughout our lives. our conversations are deeper than the marianas trench at times. and she's always there to listen to my problems. like timmy not loving me.

7.) at fires, cyler will always throw the lighter into the flames and it scares the crap out of jenn and i. needless to say, this time was no different.

8.) if there's one thing you should know about jenn; she adores riding in the back of people's vehicles. mostly kira though, cyler's truck. if there's a chance to ride in the back, she's the first to volunteer. sometimes it gets scary and we almost fall out, but that's what makes it the best. on this day cyler was taking us shooting. and we shot shotguns. it was blazing hot. then we watched the graduate. jenn fell asleep, but that's okay. :)

9.) correction. if there's one thing you should know about jenn, it's that she's obsessed with sunglasses. sunglasses are cool and jennifer is a testament of being a cool person. i can't even tell you how many pairs of sunglasses she's owned since we've been friends. this picture is awesome, because it's a picture of her and i in cyler's sunglasses.

10.) back when we were juniors, we had adult roles together. mrs. grimes had to move us constantly because of how much we talked. this picture sparked the beginning of the phase most commonly known as, "pictures i take of amelia and i when she's not looking". i could fill this entire list with pictures from that time, but i will not.

11.) nothing is more disgusting than the taste of that chalk. i like this picture because of how colorful it is. we're a colorful duo, what can i say?

12.) needless to say, when we were juniors, we thought we were the coolest thing since ice was first discovered. and hey, maybe we were. jenn matched her shirts with her sunglasses and we listened to MIA, the maine, 3OH!3 and other bands that made us feel rad. okay, so they still do. definitely. we used to, and to this day still, rock out to music in vehicles. it's just part of who we are.

13.) cause they're the three best friends that anyone could have. the three best friends that anyone could have. yes, the three best friends that anyone could have. and we'll never ever ever ever ever leave each other. :)

14.) last year, on jenn's 19th birthday, she said that we would become best friends with courtney and lexi. and, well, we did. so on most thursdays in the summer, we'd hang out together. and we'd usually go to salt lake to the twilight concert series. we love alexis and courtney. so berry much. and we love our little cheeky monkey, 'arry.

15.) the way jenn and i became friends was because in the ninth grade (and eighth, when i moved here) we had german together. and we continued to take german together all of highschool. four years of german together. and what did we learn? not much; but the times we had were wonderful and we know a little bit.... oh well. but mansfield used to take the class outside when it snowed and we'd make snow angels. you can consider this picture our christmas card of '08.

16.) maine t-shirt tuesdays. we'd usually have maine music mondays, but this week was an exception. i love this picture for numerous reasons. all of us wearing our glasses. posing the exact same way. our rad maine shirts. all of us have our backpacks on. we all have one headphone in. we're in synch. (like the band. yes.) thank you to jenn, because she introduced me to the maine. spectacular!

17.) essentially, we're adorable. don't deny it. let the feelings flow.

18.) jenn has some ridiculous costumes. a nun one and a scooby doo one. she can't even express to anyone how much she loves scooby doo. and the nun outfit is fitting because she went to a catholic school called saint sylvester's. (and her mother is a saint. santa veronica!)

19.) our junior year we made a goal to memorize the entirety of the song "gold digger". and you know what we did? we memorized it completely. to this day, we still will break out in rapping. we used to rap it in the commons area at lehi. like i said, we were cool. true gangsters. i just love this picture because we look so thug. and we're both wearing cool sunglasses. so any argument you have is invalid.

20.) i couldn't choose just one more picture to put with a memory. so i chose three. we're children at heart. that's why we still color in the bank. we take awkward pictures, but they're some of the best pictures of me to exist. we're ridiculous, essentially. and the best friends anyone could have.

Happy 20th Birthday, Jenn.
you are truly my best friend. i don't know what i'd do without you. having you as a friend for the last five years has truly changed my life. i'm glad i got over being intimidated by you and i'm happy you've been able to put up with the complete freak that i am. we're truly the greatest duo to exist. better than the rest. when we put our heads together, we get crap done and make things happen. we're magical, essentially.
what else could explain how lovely our friendship is?

i love you, jennipferd!

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  1. i wish i could express how hard this made me laugh. thanks for the wonderful birthday weekend amelia!


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