Sunday, November 27, 2011

We're Going To A Birthday Party, It's Your Birthday Party. Happy Birthday, Darling.

I'm 20.
that's weird to say.
i don't feel 20 years old.
i don't act 20 years old.
i basically am not 20 years old.
i am.
i've been alive for two whole decades.
1991 to 2011.
i've had 20 thanksgivings, and 20 christmases.
and 20 birthdays.
to me, that sure feels like a lot.
i'm no longer a teenager.
that i feel.
i get closer and closer to 25 than i'll ever be to 15 again.
i've still never been kissed.
20 years, and my lips have locked no one else's.
some people find this commendable, i find it just mildly pathetic.
the poor man who is my first kiss. he won't even know what hits him.
i had an exceptional birthday.
it all began at midnight, when cyler, jenn, alex and i took teacup shots.
(cy had redbull, jenn had water, alex and i had lemon juice.)
then jenn and al gave me their presents.
i am now the (not so proud) owner of a justin bieber singing toothbrush.
jennifer got me some exceptional things. i love them.
alex got me joe vs. the volcanoe and a unicorn for petsmart. so rad.
then we went black friday shopping at south towne. utter insanity.
all i bought were earrings from icing. what can i say? i don't really shop.
then we went to best buy and i got the office season six. finally it is in my possession. oh happy day.
then we watched cy's parks and rec. and slept from 4 to 6:30 at heather's and went to breakfast at tangie's cafe.
then i crashed at heather's for a couple of hours, watched raising hope and headed home.
harriet and jim took me to rib city for my birthday lunch, and megan came along too.
then i got my haircut. much shorter than i intended. it looks mildly disastrous. hopefully is gets better.
then i went to smith's; dani sang happy birthday over the intercom.
i met cyler, jenn, and hailey outside.
cy gave me his present.
i cried. both tears of happiness and tears of, oh no you did not.
it's a picture frame of four, in the center it says something about friends.
the top picture is of us at cy's mission call opening.
the one facing west is a picture of john krasinski that cy edited to say "i love amelia" instead of its original "i love newton".
the southern picture is a yoga kitty, doing a provacative pose.
the final east picture, is a picture of the banker.
the banker.
i noticed that picture last.
i didn't even know what to think.
turns out, jenn and cy had gone to the bank earlier that day and said they were doing a photo scavenger hunt and needed a picture of a banker.
it's sufficient to say, that definitely got that picture.
i'll snap a photo of it sometime and show you. i laughed for ten minutes. and still do every time i gander at it.
and hailey gave me a unicorn hat. delightfully wonderful! :)
then we went to primary children's and visited t-mills in the hospital. that was very nice. i'd missed her.
then we headed to olive garden. ashley came, so did alex and kaylee.
it was delicious, even if we had crappy service.
then we headed to heather's.
i was about to make a wish and blow out the candles on my cake,
which said, "happy birthday darling," (yes, with a comma. not a period.)
and people interuppted saying i couldn't wish for the banker.
so right before i blew out my candles, i yelled, "DIVORCE!"
i'm a terrible person.
so what, who cares.
then we ate it.
then we played hide and go seek in the pitch black dark.
it was very delightful.
i'm the only one who never had to be the seeker.
i'm really awesome at hiding, okay?
then everyone left, except cy, hay, jenn and me.
and then i had an emotional breakdown.
i probably cried for half an hour, total.
for lots of reasons, that i'd rather not share.
then i layed on the floor,
jenn was on the big couch, cy and hay on the little one.
then cyler eventually layed on the floor next to me.
he kept poking my nose and going, "boop." like i always do to him.
we fell asleep to movie scores, and i tickled his back.
the next morning people left, i slept and showered.
cy and i visited debra; hailey and spencer came over too.
we watched cast away.
then we left.
we shopped for the murder mystery party, then we went to pizza hut to get our meal.
we had our murder mystery dinner.
it was me, cy, jenn, al, hailey, kaylee, teal and lochlyn.
we played, pasta, passion and pistols.
i was mama rosa.
turns out, i had a love-child with cyler's character, rocco.
hailey was our son marco.
and alex killed my husband.

It Was A Great Birthday Weekend.
the best ever, in fact.
i'm very grateful for my loving family and my fantastic friends.
i am incredibly blessed.

also, chelsea and i are totally going to go see the muppets. she also hugged me when we were singing a hymn because i told her i plan on going on a mission. i just love her and amy.

ps. i have to wait until february to watch a new episode of the walking dead. this is egregious. i've loved that show since the get-go, and this is just depressing. oy vey.

i saran wrapped these two. it was awesome.
our teacup shots.
my justin bieber toothbrush.
"happy birthday darling, we love you very very very very very very very much."
"you can't wish for him!"
alex and cy were the only ones that dressed up.
our attempt at getting a picture of teal (clair voyant) reading alex's palm.

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