Friday, October 7, 2011


have i mentioned that i'm going to write a series of books in the future?
the series is called;
Consumed With Lust.
the first in this series of books is;
Consumed With Lust: The Amelia Vallen Story.
the other books go as follows;
Consumed With Lust Part Two: The Courtney Thomas Chronicles.
Consumed With Lust Part Three: Cause Of Death? Lust.
Consumed With Lust Part Four: When Lust Gets Out Of Hand. (And You Hit That Proverbial Wall.)

and finally,
Consumed With Lust Part Five: When There's Nothing Left To Burn, You Have To Set Your Lust On Fire.

i think they have potential.
in the first book, my story, i will have a chapter called, "Every Girl Has A John."
which is quite true.
one day these books will be written.
perhaps i should get that started with all my free time?
we shall see. :)


  1. no. "every girl has a john" should be a book. a collection of short stories featuring girls and their johns. we've discussed this.


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