Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the scent of lovespell reminds me of florida.
i'm not even sure why; i don't remember anyone that used lovespell lotion or anything, but then again i might've had some and can't recall it.
regardless, it takes me back.
back to a day during that summer we lived there, and i swam in the pool the entire day with jake and jamie.
we played with our brand new boogey boards -- more like they tried surfing on them, and i was left with a pathetic noodle.
i didn't wear any sunscreen.
needless to say, i was burnt to a crisp by the afternoon.
i was completely red.
and i remember wearing my red plaid shirt, and thinking, maybe this is a mistake. people will think i'm a lobster.
and i remember driving around in the van with my parents, going random places.
and the scent of lovespell.

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