Saturday, October 29, 2011

And It Hurts Like Heaven.

i've tried to tell myself that it won't be that big of a deal when cyler leaves.
i mean, yes, i'll be sad, but i've been attempting to convince myself that i won't be depressed.
but now,
i'm almost certain i will be.
i can't fight it.
the fact that we can go an entire day without talking, and i feel rather sad about it, shows me that not hearing from him for days or possibly even weeks will be that much harder.

But I'm Excited For Him To Get His Call In The Next Few Weeks. :)
so very excited; you've no idea.
he'll be an amazing missionary, just like cam was.
and cam just got back, and it's very great, especially his fluent spanish.
(he also pronounced my name "amaylia".)

it was just one of those days, y'know?
where i pine after the banker and his new haircut,
and i work most of the day without any of my friends,
where i'm sick.

Tomorrow Will Be Better.

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