Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Separated My Heart From My Head.

sometimes i write,
and it's not much,
but it helps pass the time.

green grass. how i'll miss your fair, bright coloring. you'll lose your lush-ness, and your length, all too soon, as the season begins to change. i'll miss the smell of it freshly cut. the way it feels after it spends time with a sprinkler head or two. i'll miss the trees. they become so vacant in the fall and winter; the leaves blowing to and fro. i can't wait for the surge of happiness that'll i'll meet when the branches' best friends finally return to them. unfamiliar at first, and yet reassuring all at once. i don't want to lose you, warm summer light. darkness is cruel to arrive before six PM. the nights already seem so much colder. i anticipate the worst. summer sounds will start to fade. the excited screams of children. families laughing from their backyard. the sound of splashes. bike tires whirring, and zipping past, fast-paced. i will miss freedom, and undeniable happiness. life seems so easy and simple in the pleasant summer air. thick of tar, and suntan lotion, and young love, and the burning of campfires, and the loud crackling of fireworks. i'll be sad to see it go. but, as they say, there is a time for every season. and before you can blink, summer will be here again. opening its arms to the young at heart, and the free in spirit.

But Don't Fret,
there is still plenty of time.

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  1. So am I disowned if my next post that is already written is wishing for fall?


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