Saturday, June 25, 2011

We'll Be Falling In Love To The Rhythm Of A Steel-Drum Band.

I Just Want To Listen To The Maine And Be Outdoors All Day [Reading Mockingjay].
i do not want to work for eight and a half hours, at a grocery store that is trying to steal my sanity. (and is winning.)
I'm Moody, And Want To Be Swimming.
i'd kill to go swimming right now.

i know i often complain. and i feel sincerely sorry about that, really, i do.
these are my thoughts, though.

I Also Wish A Nice Boy Would Like Me To Tickle His Back.
there's something about doing that that's so enjoyable, for some reason.
heavens knows why.
sometimes (rarely), i miss a boy who would force me to do that, even if he's gross and still has my copy of the flight of the conchords.
and i even miss when someone didn't have a girlfriend and would on occasion ask me to do it. but that hasn't happened in practically a year, so it won't happen now.

Pardon My Moodiness. Perhaps Even A Slight Bitterness, Or Hostility.
i'm not angry. i'm just a girl. like that no doubt song.
and the view from where i sit, today, is rather gray.
(not the weather. it's gorgeous outside.)

I'm Not Certain How To Close This Meaningless Post --


  1. 2 things, Where do you find your artsy pictures, and why not take some yourself!

  2. i don't have a camera. :(
    not even a disposable one.
    my life is tragic in that sense.
    because i have always liked taking pictures,
    and i see things all the time and think, "that'd be such a lovely photo!"
    alas, sad life.
    my goal this summer is to buy a camera though. :)


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