Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here Is The Place Where I Love You.

i found this picture last summer, and would often look at it in all its glory.
one of my traditions in the summer, is to read out on my lawn.
but i've never layed on my back while reading,
and yesterday, whilst reading the hunger games, i did that.

I Was Reading Against The Bluest Sky.
And The Greenest Of Trees.
the moment nearly took my breath away.

funny, how a simple thing like that can fill me with such splendor.
But, It Truly Did.

reading is such a huge part of my life; it always has been.
The First Book I Ever Read Was A Dick And Jane Book.
And Since Fourth Grade, I've Been On A College Reading Level.
i can read extremely fast, i've been blessed with that.
and books of all sorts, shapes, and sizes interest me.
I Long To Be A Librarian, more than you know.
I'd Kill To Work At Barnes And Noble.
it's practically my mecca; no exaggeration.

And Although Right Now I'm Reading Catching Fire, And Then Will Make My Way To Mockingjay,
i want some book suggestions.

My Mind Craves Expansion.
so, please, suggest away. :)

(also, it's weird that i'm reading the hunger games books. i've deterred away from them, because i'm not a big series fan? minus harry potter and a series of unfortunate events. but i actually genuinely liked hunger games. so, i've kind of jumped on that bandwagon. i've never been good with timing. haha.)

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