Friday, June 10, 2011

I Heard You Had, "Grit".

sometimes, you need days where you don't really do anything.
i'm not always a fan.
but, no matter.
i felt no concert hangover today; granted, i slept until noon.
and i didn't necessarily go crazy last night, thanks to the awkward dull people behind us who were elbowing me when i got in their "space".
oh well.
last night was topical, nonetheless.
i adore walking with cyler, our arms around each other.
it just makes me soul smile, in all honesty.
i know he had a difficult time last night due to an unexpected concert attendee, so i hope his day today was much better.
i missed him today; and i'm sure people find that weird, because we spoke a little over twelve hours ago, but still.
they're my feelings, so i s'pose i'm entitled to them.
harriet and i visited hobby lobby this evening and i purchased some embroidery floss for bracelets and rather cute cupcake liners.
i enjoy that store, really i do.
but i enjoy target so much more.
i'd live there if i could, no lie, children. no lie to be seen.
i have a goal this summer to attempt to wear shorts every day this summer season.
heavens knows my white legs need the color, they're practically transparent.
y'know what i hate?
people who act like everything is about them.
people who act like freaking martyrs over nothing.
it upsets me, very greatly.
the world isn't out to get you, and neither are your friends. so get over yourself.
on a more upbeat note,
my now week old niece, suzie, is so adorable and sweet.
honestly, i really do love her.
and holding her just puts a smile on my face.
it also makes me sleepy, but that's a different story.
i enjoyed visiting her, tater tot and my sister this evening.
it was just, pleasant.
i enjoy brand new babies, before they turn into little time bombs;
but i learn to love them again after six months.
it's just a pattern of my life.

i feel this striving in my heart.
this striving to get away.
we all need that, don't we?
time away from our lives.
be they stressful or not.
everyone needs their space.
tomorrow i plan on asking my sister if she plans on going to D.C. again this summer.
she's there now; just enjoying herself.
and i'm sitting here wishing i was there.
wishing i was with her.
if she tells me that she does expect to go back at some point within the next few months, i'm going to ask her if i can go with her.
i'll save up the money -- i just need to get away.
i need to experience the world more.
granted, i've been to washing D.C. more times than i can count,
but still,
i miss the east.
it's where my roots lie.
and i need a dosage of it.
and if she doesn't plan on going back?
oh well.
i'll try and figure something else out, i suppose.

i just long to travel.
i feel it in my bones.
an aching.
i've been blessed to be able to have traveled so much in my life.
i've been in both the pacific and atlantic oceans.
i've been from florida to washington state.
i'm lucky to have been so many places.
but i want to visit more.
even if it's somewhere i've been before.
i know i'd appreciate it more this time around.

These Are Merely Thoughts And Strikings In My Mind.
we'll see what tomorrow holds.
perhaps the scottish festival, so i can get something for jakey's birthday.
and i guess we'll see what else.
i hope to be out of doors.
i need that.

i'm off to watch the keira knightley version of pride and prejudice, and just swoon o'er matthew macfayden and be happy with the world.

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