Sunday, May 15, 2011

Throw Your Hands In The Air, If Yous A True Playa.

i've been thinking a lot lately, contemplating, really.
there is something that i've been a part of for three years now.
it's consumed every thursday night during the school year.
special needs mutual.
it's something that has become so familiar to me.
it's been cyler and i's thing for three years.
we both had callings to be counselors the first two years, and just volunteered ourselves this past one.
he won't be there next year.
he'll be leaving for his mission in the fall. (i'm assuming.)
which means, really, it won't be the same.
alex has been coming this year, which, don't get me wrong, is rather swell, but it's just different, y'know?
perrie's been my partner the past two years; which is easy because she lives with my sister and is practically a part of my family.
and next year, i do want to go, for perrie, for the other kids, and even for judy and lindsay, our group leaders.
i love them and they really enjoy perrie and i.
(they also enjoy cyler. they thought he was my boyfriend for the longest time. last thursday when cy brought e to mutual, judy freaked out "he has a girlfriend?!?" it was ridiculously funny.)
but going without cy cy would just be so entirely different.
and i know it'd just make me feel sad, him not being there and all.
which comes to the point in all this,
do i choose to be selfish, or more self-less?

It's Hard To Decide.
i guess i have the whole summer to figure it out.
so we'll get back to that.

also, there is this very tall and attractive boy who has gone to mutual this year.
i never knew his name or anything of the sort.
i discovered it last thursday.
he announced that he's going on a mission to australia. (awesome, right? i thought so.)
and his name is mckay.
which doesn't suit him at all, but whatevs.
he didn't choose his name.
i want to ask him to dance with me at the last dance this thursday, but i'll probably chicken out.
that's so highschool, and sooooo raven.
but, i might.

this last week was eventful, really.
i enjoyed numerous lunches with cy cy and alejandro.
i took megan to yogurt bliss and to see the justice beaver movie, again.
jennifer, courtney, lexi and i watched blue valentine and i made cookies.
krista, jenn and i creeped around lehi, AF and pleasant grove on wednesday.
and watched no strings attached with snapplehoe, heffe, and sarah.
went to mutual on thursday, which featured the most dull visiting ward of all time.
al and i got yogurt bliss; mmmmm.
then i worked on friday, must've hurt my back.
cy, e, riles mcgee, kelso, jenn and i went to the garden of olives for dinner,
then hit up targezz and i purchased glow sticks, a little mermaid necklace and the office season five.
cy and e departed from our presence; we met up with ashley.
got kicked out of discovery park by the pleasant grove bobbies.
went to another park and chatted until the wind started whipping wildly.
i woke up on saturday and seriously couldn't move.
had to call work and inform them i wouldn't be in.
did nothing with my saturday asides from lay around and spend some time outside.
then today court and lexi came to kirche with me; i saw cliff. :) i hadn't seen him in months, and he passed sacrament! this made me very happy.
after sacrament meeting we got in & out and sonic, and just listened to awesome music; "but then i got high" and talked about everything and nothing.
then my family was over this afternoon and i chilled with them, per usual sunday.
and al came over and we watched part of the italian job and psych.
So, Yeah.
i think you needed a basic play-by-play of my entire week.
right? because you obviously were terribly concerned. :)

It Was A Good Week.
i don't know.
good week.

cy graduates in two and a half weeks, so that is very exciting. :)
and i bought my ticket to earthfest; i shall finally see all time low. :)
it's been four years in the making. and now it's going to happen!

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